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Nutrient-Dense Functional Drinks with Benefits You Can Feel

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Workout + Energize

with Move Juice

Blood Orange Pomegranate


Fuel your workouts with this synergistic blend of whole foods and energizing compounds that work together to support muscle development, metabolism, strength, stamina, and exercise recovery.


  • 12 organic fruits, veggies, greens + mushrooms

  • Performance compounds and key nutrients to help you build muscle and get more out of your workouts

  • Energizing ingredients to help fuel active lifestyles

  • Blood orange pomegranate flavor with hibiscus + spirulina

  • 14 servings per bag, 1 serving = 3 rounded teaspoons

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    Clean, wholesome formulas that fit into any diet and lifestyle

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    Farmana Move Juice pomegranate apple

    12 organic fruits, veggies & greens

    Pomegranate, beet, hibiscus, amla & cranberry enhance nitric oxide production to support blood flow, nutrient delivery to muscles, and exercise endurance.

    Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes that are crucial for maintaining proper hydration during activity.

    Wheatgrass, spirulina & spinach contain antioxidants and chlorophyll that may help speed up exercise recovery and prevent soreness.

    Comprehensive pre-workout stack

    HMB & vitamin D promote lean body mass, strength and power. HMB supports muscle synthesis while blocking muscle breakdown. Research shows using HMB and vitamin D together improve muscle strength and body composition, both with and without resistance training.

    Creatine provides quick-burst energy to support performance and recovery. One of its key roles is to regenerate ATP, especially during high-intensity activities that require rapid energy production.

    Carnitine promotes blood flow, stamina, and metabolism. This amino acid derivative brings fat into the mitochondria to convert into ATP and supports body composition and metabolic flexibility.

    Farmana Move Juice tennis player
    Farmana Move Juice woman deadlift

    Energizing nutrients, mushrooms & botanicals

    Vitamin D & magnesium are important nutrients required in energy metabolism and muscle development.

    Cordyceps promotes performance, stamina, and oxygen delivery to muscles.

    L-glutamine helps build and maintain muscle mass, especially for those who do not eat enough protein. It can also serve as an energy source for muscle cells, especially during prolonged exercise.

    Green tea extract supports exercise performance and recovery, and promotes the body's ability to burn fat for fuel. The form we use contains 40% EGCg, the prized antioxidant found in green tea.

    Organic, responsibly-grown whole foods

    Fruit, veggie, greens & mushroom powders grown by farmers who nurture nature

    Research-informed ingredients & dosage

    Products contain functional ingredients in dosages validated by research

    3x tested for ultimate purity & potency

    All products tested for for identity, potency, heavy metals, pesticides & microbial content

    Farmana Move Juice prepared as a slushie

    The name Move Juice says it all - this juice was designed for activity and movement. Mix with water at the gym, workout class, or out and about when you need some nourishment. Post-workout, it can be added to a recovery smoothie for a delicious burst of muscle-building goodness.

    Farmana Move Juice blood orange pomegranate illustration

    Everyday Recipes

    Move Juice

    1 serving Move Juice

    1 cup water or coconut water

    Simply mix with water for an activity-fueling drink wherever you are. Mix powder with liquid and shake or whisk to blend.

    Move Juice Smoothie

    1 serving Hydration Hero

    1 serving vanilla protein powder

    1/2 cup frozen banana

    1/2 cup ice

    1 cup water

    Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve and enjoy.

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